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It can be extremely isolating to experience bullying. It's hard for children to open up to others about it. I am starting a virtual peer support group to encourage a safe and confidential place for them to share what they're going through and get support.

The goals of this group are to let them know they are not alone, and there are others who experience similar situations and want to offer support. 

All children are welcome here! To sign up, use the form on this page!

If you would like more support for your child, I offer 1:1 coaching. Whether your child is experiencing bullying, is the bully or just needs a little extra support, this could be a great option.

In coaching, they will learn confidence boosters, how to cope with certain situations, as well as being able to identify toxic influences and what to do about them.

Being bullied can cause so much harm mentally and emotionally but having someone to talk to about it can greatly reduce the burden. As someone who has been bullied for many years, I bring a unique set of skills and experiences to my coaching. I know what it’s like, and I know what I needed when I was going through that.

I can help put the child back into childhood. All it takes is one adult to make a difference!


I am an HCI trained life coach and I am a Co-Chair of the American Foundation of Suicide Prevention MN Chapter. I have also completed the Preventing Suicide & Self-Harm course with Kids Life Studio.

For information on either the Support Group or coaching, click here.

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